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Precision Solidz & Txture

Precision Solidz & Txture have been designed to enhance any room with a modern look and feel. Combining plain and patterns together ensures a unique and modern installation is achieved, catching to any eye. This product is manufactured from recycled yarn with a high tuft density, ensuring that a heavy commercial rating is achieved, making it the perfect fit for any commercial building. 

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Harbour Grey (Txture)
Lunar Stone (Txture)
Elephant Grey (Txture)
Liqourice (Txture)
Rioja Red (Txture)
Hunter Green (Txture)
Denim Blue (Txture)
Charcoal (Solidz)
Lead (Solidz)
Anthracite (Solidz)
Flint (Solidz)
Smoke (Solidz)
Garnet (Solidz)
Tangerine (Solidz)
Lime (Solidz)
Dandelion (Solidz)
Emerald (Solidz)
Brazil (Solidz)
Midnight (Solidz)
Summer Sky (Solidz)
Indigo (Solidz)
Magenta (Solidz)
Morning Frost (Solidz)
Rainy Day (Solidz)

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